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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dr. Who Knows

Confession: I have never seen Dr. Who. I know nothing of the fandom.

That said, I have this friend. A new friend who turned 30 yesterday. I thought I'd whip him up something special for his birthday since we were getting together tonight. I searched around the internets and found something that seemed awesome to me (for one who doesn't know the Dr.)

Tardis, flying?

See, awesome, right?  I decided to have a go at it myself...a little embroidery, a little felt, and looked fast.  And it was!  It took me longer to pluck the press n seal out between the circles and spokes.  I also had fun working with the felt and combining it with stitches.  It's a messy little thing, but, let's be honest. He's a boy and I think Tardis doesn't mind a little mess.

My Tardis..

circle and spokes

felt cut out

Starting the stitching of Tardis

Done! Please note I even stitched "Police Box" at the top

I'm hoping my friend will like it - I mean, probably embroidery isn't a dude's top idea of a present. If this doesn't make him happy, maybe the half dozen chocolate chip cookies I'm bringing along with it will....

UPDATE: He said he liked I'll believe him. And it found a place of honor on his mantle.

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