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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas for the Currans

Christmas for the Currans!

Don't they look like a family who needs embroidery?

 I picked up a stocking hat and a fleece baby  blanket at the dollar store to embroider for Joseph and Nora.  I decided to go with a large canvas tote bag for Jen.  First up, patterns!

Joseph loves trains, so I knew right away I wanted to do a train on his hat, with his name.  I decided to go with his initials instead though.  I actually free handed the train and initials on his hat.  Didn't turn out too shabby if I do say so myself.

Since Nora's was a blanket, I went with a sleeping theme. Pretty simple. I found a pattern online I liked and did the press n seal method to get it done.

Press n seal, ready to embroider

Finished - lettering a bit difficult to read

Jen's tote is my biggest and most favorite project to date - except for the lettering. She is super crunchy, so I wanted to make her a special tote she can take the the farmers market.

To Market To Market fruit and veggie tote

Jen told me she loved it, I'm going to assume Nora likes to be warm and if this video is any indication, Joseph liked his hat!

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