An Assortment of Embroidery, Sewing,and DIY Craft Projects

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome and Disclaimer

Hello, loyal readers. It's the Single Female Homeowner!

I am not uber crafty.  Or uber creative, contrary to the protestations of super awesome storytime mom (SASM for short).  I've tried to learn to knit (twice? three times?), to crochet (twice) and now I'm onto sewing (very badly) and embroidery.  With embroidery I'm pretty sure I've found my crafty calling.  Especially since I can make most of the patterns look nice with the three stitches I can actually do.

While the mother blog focuses on my misadventures in home improvement, this blog chronicles the different craft projects I'll try to tackle - probably mostly with embroidery, some sewing, and then random assortments of crafty DIY. As always, full of misadventures.  Probably the spawn blog will see more action, since I'm short on home improvement funds.  So, follow along and enjoy the show.

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