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Thursday, December 15, 2011

There's a Wide Eyed Owl....

The last couple of years I've gotten a bit crafty for my halloween costumes.  Last year, I was super girl.  First, because Super Girl is awesome and second, because I was Super Girl back when I was about four.  Who wouldn't want to relive those memories?

Super Girl, circa 1985/6

Super Girl, circa 2010

This costume was fairly simple - I got a Super Girl t-shirt and sewed sparkly fabric to the shoulders to create the cape.  I made a simple pull on elastic waist skirt with some plain non-stretchy red fabric, that I trimmed with the red sparkly fabric (same as the cape).  Since I had some left over sparkly fabric, I also made some simple arm warmers, just by sewing it into a tube and cutting out an opening for my thumb.

This year I was a little more ambitious.  I saw a couple owl costumes on pinterest that were just ADORABLE.


This costume required much more time, effort and supplies than last years.  I picked out 5 different fabrics - a tweedy brown, a herringbone brown, silky brown, silky gold, and fleecey blaze orange.  I originally planned to create two separate pieces - a skirt using an old fold over skirt from Old Navy and a brown t-shirt I bought while I was buying my fabrics.  Then I figured it would be easier (duh) to do a single piece.  I just so happened to have a very old cotton knit dress with maroon fabric.  It was too small, so it wasn't such a waste.  Since it was too small, I cut up the the sides of the dress and figured I'd just wear leggings underneath.

To make the feathers, I made a triangular (with some curves) pattern out of cardboard and then I got to cutting.  I picked up the pizza cutter type fabric cutter.  Which is quite a dangerous tool, if you haven't used it before.  I manged to slice my finger pretty good.  The slicer let me do several feathers at a time and saved my fingers from scissor cramps.  I spent a lot of time cutting and watching TV.

Once I got the feathers cut, I fused them together in rows of about 8.  I used fabric fuse that you iron on.  I thought it would be the easiest way of quickly zipping it through the sewing machine onto the dress.  I think I could have probably just stuck with pinning it all - I don't know if I necessarily saved any time.

So, iron and fuse, iron and fuse.  Once I got my mom to help me figure out the sewing machine (a couple times, of course) I started zipping through it.  Once I figured out what was going on I was able to get through the rows of feathers pretty quickly.

Rather than trying to figure out how to do the top with the v-neck, I used the superfluous brown t-shirt and created a capelet.  To make the capelet, I just cut open the sleeves and cut the shirt at the same length of the sleeves.  This essentially created a rectangle with the neck opening in the middle.  Much easier to sew on rows of feathers in a rectangle than on a v-neck pattern.

The capelet went really quickly - just took an evening more of work.  The costume was essentially done...but what use is a costume without a mask?  Probably none at all.

I picked up a white mask with the elastic band at Joann's.  White would completely clash with the costume so I also bought some fabric spray paint in a brown/copper color.  BTW, do you realize how MUCH I love spray painting? I do. It went way too fast though.  Enter feathers and a glue gun and a girl has a mask appropriate for halloween costumes (or masqurade balls - once I added some gold glitter spray).

Here's the complete look.

And the complete look in action.  It was a giant hit at storytime the week before Halloween, won me first prize in a costume contest on Friday night (I think they took pity on my homemade costume), Sunday brunch and then at work on Halloween.

Sewing success!  I might wear it again next year....although, I do have my eye on a few other ideas...

Mrs. Frizzle


Snow White

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