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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Embroidery Supplies

I'm very early in my supply hoarding process, but when I decided to get into emroidery, I did it whole hog.

Supplies I purchased:
Standard Floss - I got a giant package of about 20 different colors with several of each.
Needle threader
And another needle threader
And yet another...
Needle case
Funky Floss
Metallic Floss
Floss Bobbins with Metal Ring
Glad Press n Seal (for the press n seal method)
Tracing Paper
Transfer Marker
Transfar Pencils

I'm not very happy with my floss storage. I need to figure out a different solution for it that will keep it neater and together, but alos be portable in a tote bag and not too bulky.  And I obviously have trouble with needle threaders. I like the all metal one, but it only works on larger eyed needles.  I somehow manage to always rip the threading part from the base on the other ones.

I'm using an open tote bag lugging it all around...and its not working very well for me. I need to figure out another solution for taking my work on the go with me as well.

Obviously I've been buying materials to embroider as well - tote bags because tote bags are MY FAVORITE, so the must be everyone elses too, right?  Also, aprons, handkerchiefs, bandanas, and t-shirts.


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