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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas for the Girls

And by girls, I mean my besties Iris, Lele, Emily and my sister from another mister, Kim.

The girls were the first intended recipients of my embroidery work.  I found a pattern for a t-shirt tote bag in the first embroidery book I found. In hindsight, I wish I would've found the normal canvas totes first, but of course, Joanns didn't carry them, but Michaels did. So annoying to chase around materials.  ANYWAYS. The plan continued - t-shirt tote bags for the girls.  I ordered patterns from Sublime Stitching

Iris! Iris loves owls. Girl is nuts for them.  So owls was a wise choice.  I used the Forest Friends Transfer

Iris' pattern

Emily has stacking dolls...and since I didn't have any other brilliant ideas, she better love it! haha.  I used the Dutch-Russian Transfer


Not finished, but better view

For Lele, I went with Scooter Babes. Let's be honest, she's a hottie who should probably tool around on a scooter :)

Lele's finished tote

Kim, I had originally planned on using the Bon Voyage transfer.  Unfortch, they were out of stock when I went to order so I needed a new plan.  Plan B was another scooter tote, since Kim loves Europe and Europe loves scooters. But then I felt bad doing two scooter designs.  So I moved onto Plan C. Plan C I found a Aunt Martha's travel transfer at Joann's.  I also deviated from the t-shirt tote bag pattern and used a pre-made tote.  What can I say, I love my sister from another mister!  The end result was also another one of my favorite finished projects.

Close up of Kim's tote

France tote

Here they are, ready to be wrapped, boxed and shipped in time for Christmas!


  1. These were so cute! Fun to see them all together!

  2. They came out great! I love mine!